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    Many to many AWM OLAP



      I need to look into the issue of many to many relationships in OLAP, and to check if there is a way to transpose data through the awm modeler....? For example


      "the diag dimension is joined to the diag bridge which i am changing so that it's not flat...



      .......it will allow many diagnosis codes to 1 ref key"
      Please assist.


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          So basically the question is : How does AWM OLAP handle Brigde Tables?



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            Shankar Somayajula-Oracle

            Try modeling the bridge table as a fact (factless fact table) or in olap terms, model a cube with source as bridge table with addl column defined with constant value (=1) perhaps. Maybe you can use AWM mapping and key in the constant in awm mapping screen (instead of dragging a column from bridge table to map to measure).


            Define additional olap measures (calculated measures) like sum, max, count of dim1 or count of dim2 or count of dim1/dim2 combination etc. as needed for analysis.

            For text measures/attributes, you can attempt concatenating the strings into a long delimited list of values and convert many codes into a single display string.