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    Differences in creating a Standby database in RAC


      Hi All


         SO...: Solaris 11 SPARC 64

         DB...: (64 bits)


         My experience regarding creating Physical Standby Databases is restricted in only single instances to single instances. I am reading the book "Oracle Database 11g Release 2 High Availability", but, in parallel, i would like to hear from the experienced DBAs here some opinions and recomendations in how to implement a RAC to RAC solution. Below are my doubts:


         1) In single instance, using RMAN Backup to create the Physical Standby, i have to create manually a static Listener Entry. But in a RAC env, the listener is a resource, so, i have to create that resource in the Clusterware manually, or there is other approach?


         2) I have to create a pfile and start the instance in NOMOUNT mode, but in RAC, i have to start all the nodes in NOMOUNT, or just one node is sufficient?


         3) The archives will be replicated from FRA to FRA. Is this the best approach?


         My main concern is with the Listener and SCAN questions... If you have any considerations, they will be most welcome.


         Thanks in advance.