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    DM_Mappings.csv which maps logical names to relational names is blank




      I have created a data model (both logical and relational) using OSDM I am trying to generate a csv report (go to File -> Export -> To CSV option in OSDM) which maps the logical names to physical names (physical names are abbreviated as I am using a glossary for abbreviations). This information was present in the csv named DM_Mappings.csv in version 3.0.0-665 of OSDM which maps the logical component of the model to the physical component. However when I use OSDM 3.1.1-703 or OSDM 3.1.1-704 or OSDM, the csv file DM_Mappings.csv is generated but its blank. I am not sure if there is some hidden option somewhere which will help me generate this mapping information which was a default option in OSDM 3.0.0-665. I would appreciate it if someone could help me in getting this logical to physical mapping in csv format using OSDM.


      Let me know if you need any other information.