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    Question on Workspace Status Page


      1st off, I apologize if this is not the correct forum to ask this in and my understanding of BI is very little. 


      We are running workspace in our environment and I am trying to use nagios to monitor the status page of BI.  If I go to the status page, http://servername:19000/workspace/status I see the following :



      <Initialization state="READY" attemptCount="1"/>


      <Message>Workspace is running normally.</Message>









      I am running a check that is checking for content of the status page and will alert if the message " Workspace is running normally " is not there.


      Problem is, our dbs recently restarted the app and I never saw a change in the status page until the page was not available.  Can anyone tell me what I should see on the status page if there is a problem with workspace ?