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    Related to order creation




      Could you please give some idea about new order creation as per below scenario



      1)  i need to create  a new order for example "A" using ATG OOTB orderHolder class.


      2) if the order is  already  exists then no need to create and but i need to iterate this order("A") from shopping cart


      2) Then i need to copy commerceItem from  current for example "B"  order to newly created order ("A") and vice versa.



      Thanks in advance.


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          Ricky S

          is it for anonymous users or logged in users?


          when a req flows through DAF pipeline it creates 2 session object - Profile and Cart.

          cart.getCurrent will give u the current order.


          if the user is logged in u can call cart.getSaved to see if an order is already there for the user. U can set the saved order to current order.

          u can merge the commerce items calling mergeOrdersCopyCommerceItem method of CommerceItemManager.


          u can get reference for CommerceItemManager from OrderManager.



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