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    Connection policy on demand and the same service imported twice leads to failures if a domain fails?


      I tried the next configuration:

      Domain 1: imports service X from domain 2 and domain 3. I use 2 entries in the DM_IMPORT section with 2 different RACCESSPOINTs.

      Domain 2 and 3 exports service X.

      Connection policy on the 3 domains is set to ON_DEMAND.

      I realized that when a client is invoked many times, the request is sent in some kind of round-robin. Sometimes to domain 2 and sometimes to domain 3. When I shutdown domain 3 (for example), requests are still being sent to both domains but of course those routed to domain 3 are failing.

      I have to set up connection policy ON_STARTUP to guarantee that when domain 2 is running but domain 3 is not, all requests will be sent to domain 2. My goal was to make some kind of load balancing when sending the requests. What's the best approach to do that? Using ON_STARTUP? Using routing? Other option?