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    Reinit jVueAX.ocx within VB.Net application



      I have an application that is converting to PDF using jVueAX.ocx in VB.Net 2008.

      But the app is failing after a number of converts. I'm not entirely sure why it fails and the number of _onViewEvents for the EventID of 3003 is ever increasing.  3003 is EVENTID_VIEWEVENT_ONVIEWEXTENTS.

      Once the 3003 count gets to between 850 to 950 the application closes itself.  Each convert adds 1 to 3 counts to the 3003 event count.


      The steps for conversion are to

      1. setFile
      2. then loop until getFile is populated
      3. convertIt  ( setConvertOptions included here)
      4. closeDocument

      then the process is repeated from step 1.


      Therefore I'm thinking that a workaround is to reset the ocx programatically.  However whatever I try hasn't worked so far.

      What is the correct way to dispose of the object in VB.Net and recreate the New AxJVueAXLib.AXJVueAXControl with the corret settings?

      Then does it need a initActiveX() again?


      Or is there an event that I'm missing that will reset the ActiveX control object?