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    Compilation error in jdev  " Duplicate elements referred from mds and from OSB on AIA



      I am using a BPEL Process built on FulfillmentOrder EBM

      I have a service on OSB which uses Communications EBS and that uses commoncomponents.xsd and customcommomcomponnets.xsd from EnterpriseObjectLibrary/Industry/Communications/Common/V2

      My Bpel calls the service on OSB through WSIL

      While compiling I am getting a lot of errors which say "


           [scac] Global element declaration/definition of name '{http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseObjects/Core/Common/V2}OrganizationUnitReference' are duplicated at the following locations:


           [scac] oramds:/apps/AIAMetaData/AIAComponents/EnterpriseObjectLibrary/Core/Common/V2/CommonComponents.xsd [line#: 9780]

           [scac] [line#: 9306]

           [scac] There are at least two of them looking different:

           [scac] oramds:/apps/AIAMetaData/AIAComponents/EnterpriseObjectLibrary/Core/Common/V2/CommonComponents.xsd [difference starting at line#:9782]

           [scac] [difference starting at line#:9308]"


      there are a lot of elements (extensions) on the commoncomponents.xsd which is under industry whereas the commoncomponents.xsd under EnterpriseObjectLibrary/Core/Common/V2  dont have those elements.

      Please let me know how to get rid of these errors.

      What is the best practice to go forward.