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    Why no ZFS space?


      Is this the new site for open solaris discussion? Why there is no ZFS space? or at least a Storage space?

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          This "New To Solaris Development" forum space is hosted for discussions by and for OS developers that are new in their attempts to develop for the OS, not for generic inquiries.   It has existed for more than fifteen years  --  which you would have seen by glancing through the posts in a reverse chronological fashion.    Read old posts to get a better understanding as to what sort of topics go here.


          There are no forum spaces on this site for questions specific to OpenSolaris.   That environment was discontinued in 2010, just about the time that Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems.   You will need to find other places on the Internet for inquiries on that environment and its subsequent forked distributions.


          Questions pertaining to ZFS as a software construct on various hardware components should be directed to the Solaris 10 forum space or the Solaris 11 forum space, based upon which of those you are using.


          There does happen to be a Storage forum space here at the OTN, but it is hosted for HARDWARE questions on Oracle/Sun branded storage peripherals and not for the possible filesystem constructs that might be used with them.

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            Thanks Rukbat, I was participating in that OpenSolaris discussion years ago, too bad it's gone. Clear answer, thank you.

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              https://java.net/projects/solaris-zfs/lists provides a Solaris ZFS mailing list to replace the one formerly hosted on opensolaris.org.

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                thx, on the list now.