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    Weblogoc Error [Deployer:149003]




      I am trying to install an Enterprise application on Weblogic and I can Install the Application fine but when I attempt to start it I receive the following error:


      weblogic.management.DeploymentException: [Deployer:149003]Unable to access application source information in ...... The specific error is: [Deployer:149158]No application files exist at ........


      Does anybody have any ideas what is causing this?


      Prior to receiving this error and when I install the application and activate I receive this message, how I attempt to activate again and it activates ok. Could this be related?


      An error occurred during activation of changes, please see the log for details.




      Security Violation: Data Source ..... configured with clear-text password specified as a driver property, cannot be deployed in Production mode. To override the security check, set command line property 'weblogic.management.allowClearTextPasswords' to true.