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    How to Communicate Between Detail Form and Upper Form?

    Marc DiNick

      How can I notify the user that attention is required on a detail record?  For example, on a subsequent step in a workflow, I need that assignee to address the Line Item Status of the records on the Detail form.  Even though those records are visible when initially opening the BP, I need to remind the user to set the status before moving to the next step.  The Line Item Status appears to not have any significance outside the context of the Detail form, thus it can't be used for validation at the BP record level.  This is an issue as I have BPs with detail records that should auto-create other BP records based on the Line Item Status, but users don't always remember to set the status.

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          Couldn't you base the status of the line items off the workflow status? Or is it like submittals where not all the lineitems are the same status?

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            Marc DiNick

            I don't believe the workflow status and Line Item Status are connected; are they? In fact, I don't think the Line Item Status has any meaning beyond auto-creating records from line item records based on line item status.  My use case here is spawing off non-compliance notices from our inspector's daily reports; the PM needs to approve these detail records, i.e., NCNs, so they auto-create a record in our NCN BP for the COTR to possibly issue to the contractor.  Problem here is our PMs blow through these records without reading them and the NCNs never spawn off.  I was looking for a way to notify the PM that an NCN detail record is present and must be addressed, that is, its (line item) status needs to be approved.

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              Thats correct the lineitems status cannot be based off the workflow status.

              I'm thinking out loud here and maybe this will work for you. In the lineitems, can you add a new data element (check box) that the PM needs to check basically "approving" the lineitem. Then in the upper form add a new data element (numeric) to "Sum of all lineitems"  based off the "check box" in the lineitems. The check box field in the database will display a "1" or "0". Then you can add a validation to the upper form field. If field "Sum of all lineitems" is less than one then display message "PM Needs to approve blah blah". From there the PM would need to open the lineitems reviewing them and check in box per lineitem.

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                Unfortunately any checkbox you add to the detail form could be filled out at creation of the line items, so you need something on the upper form at the PM step.  What I would suggest is that the upper form used at the step which allows addition of LIs be set to not allow LI Statuus to be filled out.  Then, on the upper form used at the PM step, allow LI Status to be modified and also add a Yes/No pulldown that is required, so the PM must verify all LIs.  Maybe with a label of, "Line Items Verified?"


                The LI status can do quite a bit more - it can be used as a condition for auto-creation, to determine which LIs can be modified at a given step, etc.

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                  Marc DiNick

                  Yes that was the only solution I could think of.  The use case here is IDRs with potential NCNs as line items.  When the PM approves the IDR and an NCN line item, it spawns off an NCN to the COTR for possible issuance.  Since NCNs are not really common, I was hoping to avoid pestering the user with such a question.


                  The other side of this issue is the copy function: inspectors usually copy an earlier IDR and update it but don't remember to remove any approved potential NCNs that copied over from the original IDR.  Creating an Advanced Copy won't work because all the tabs on a BP are stored in a single row in the line item database table, for some reason.  So for example, if I set the copy condition to not copy over previously Approved potential NCNs, whatever records from other tabs that were stored in that table row won't copy either.  I'd also have to ask the question here too, which is unfortunate.