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    Form Personalization is not working for copied Sales Orders


      Hi All,


      We have a requirement in Sales Order form, if the order type is "Standard" then Ship method field should be mandatory.

      We were able to do this using below form personalization, it is working for new order creation.

      When we did the below testing it is not working

      Inactivated the ship method and try to copy the order with Standard type the field remains mandatory and null but still it is allowing to book the Sales Order.

      Please help to sort out this issue, let me know if it is not clear


      Trigger Event : WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE

      Trigger Object: ORDER.SOLD_TO


      (:ORDER.ORDER_TYPE not like '%STANDARD%')



      Type : Property

      Object Type : Item

      Target Object : ORDER.SHIPPING_METHOD

      Property Name: REQUIRED

      Value: True