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    Print Qestion in P6 8.2




      I have a question re print options in P6.

      When I print view (layout) with the Gantt Chart and columns I always have black frame (line) around the printout, which wraps up the header, footer and rest of the content. 

      Is there a way to get rid of this frame somehow? or change color?


      I don't see any option which does that, but maybe someone knows the trick?




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          To be honest, I do not think this black frame can be disabled from printing.

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            Thanks AMA.


            Another question re Printing. Seems impossible for me to have text Arial 6pt in header / footer. Size available in P6 from drop-down list is between 8 - 36.

            I managed to copy and paste from MS Word text Arial size 6 but when I apply - P6 change it to Times New Roman or similar. Sometimes when I paste the text (font 6), change font to e.g. Arial Black and then back to Arial again - xml code appears on printout as part of the text: <?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office"/>. Is it something wrong with my Database (sql 2008 R2) or its a P6 issue.