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    SunOne Webserver 6.1SP17, redirecting, pdf requests to coldfusion file


      We have a Sun ONE Web Server 6.1.

      I need all http requests for PDF files to be redirected to a coldfusion template with the original url (for the PDF) being passed in the query string (or even a form variable). I started trying to construct the code snippet for obj.conf:

      <Client uri="*.pdf">
      NameTrans fn="set-variable" insert-query="url=<uri>" url="/someFolder/getFile.cfm"

      Would something like this work? What would the exact syntax be?

      The problem is that I am a coldfusion developer, I don't have direct access to the obj.conf, and I need something solid to give to the system administrator to do some testing.

      Any help and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you very much.