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    Button Not going directly to canvas(goes tab page first)


      Hi guys,

      I have an issue where I have a screen with multiple tabs.  Each tab relates to a datablock.  I then have buttons along the bottom of the screen.  One of these buttons takes the user to a new canvas which has items from the first datablock. If I am on the first tab and press the button which takes the user to a new canvas (with items from the first datablock) the button press works as it should and takes you directly to the new canvas.  However, if I am on a tab which doesn’t contain the first datablock when I press the button it simply takes me back to the first tab, I then need to press the button again to be taken to the canvas.  I have tried using go_block and go_item before  I go to an item on the canvas but this doesn’t seem to work.  Is there a go tab I should use or something?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.