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    Calling Report from Forms -6I - Forms and Report

      I am calling simple emp report from form using emp table. Forms 6i and Reports 6i

      I have a emp report with parameter :eno; (for a particular emp no)

      I have form- with block emp In When button pressed i need to print payslip of employeee - number passing from form.- Please help me on this

      code on -When Button Pressed :

      pl_id ParamList;

      pl_id := Get_Parameter_List('empdata');

      IF NOT Id_Null(pl_id) THEN
      Destroy_Parameter_List( pl_id );
      END IF;

      pl_id := Create_Parameter_List('empdata');


      Add_Parameter(pl_id, 'PARAMFORM', TEXT_PARAMETER, 'NO');

      Run_Product(REPORTS, 'd:\emp1', SYNCHRONOUS, RUNTIME,
      FILESYSTEM, pl_id, NULL);


      Error while pressing button on runtime
      while running pressing the button getting error :
      frm-47012- could not add parameter :eno to parameter list empdata