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    advantage of using multiple oacore processes


      Hi All,


      EBS R12.1.3 , DB : 11gR2 , ( Only One Middle Tier)


      Generally based on the number of active users , We increase the oacore procceses and JVM memeory .  each oacore processes have its own JVM memory.


      We increased number of proccess for oacore to 3.


      As per my understanding Whenever a request ( OAF/JSP/ADF Pages)  come , it passes to one of the oacore procesess.


      If I am correct, I have few question :


      > What is the used at OC4j level , which redirects the request to one of the oacore proceess.( How it is load balanced, if yes).


      > If the request passes to one of the oacore procceeses , if it start consumes all the JVM , will the request passes to other JVM/oacore (if it uses any clustering at oacore level).


      Please help to understand this.



      Sourabh Gupta