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    GetClientInfo - configuration



           We are migrating from oracle forms 6i to oracle forms 11g, please update how to configure the following jar GetClientInfo and webutil and jacob.

      To fetch client information.

           Oracle forms and Reports 11gR2

           Weblogic 10.3.6

           Windows 2008 R2 - App server


      Thank You!
      Dilli Babu. S

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          Check the doc: How to Configure Webutil in Forms 11g (Doc ID 1093985.1).


          We migrated from 10g to 11g using the same document.




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            For Webutil & JACOB


            • The webutil configuration section has been modified to suite your environment.
            • The following entries exist in the config section :- WebUtilArchive=frmwebutil.jar,jacob.jar
            • The following Jar files exists and are added to FORMS_BUILDER_CLASSPATH:

            /forms/java/frmall.jar;/forms/java/frmwebutil.jar; /forms/java/jacob.jar

            • The following jar file added to the CLASSPATH in forms/server/default.env:
            • You must generated the certification key using the utility and placed it in appropriate folders.
            • WebUtil needs a single virtual directory to be defined in order to operate.

            This virtual directory is used to locate various operating system-specific files that WebUtil may need to download.

            For an Oracle Developer Suite installation,

            add the following line to the file/forms/formsweb/orion-web.xml under the OAS Oracle Home:

            <virtual-directory virtual-path="/webutil" real-path="<ORACLE_HOME>/forms/webutil" />


            For GetClientInfo to work

            • Remove GetClientInfo from Restricted URL Parameters  in your forms configuration section.




            Arun Sudhakaran