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    What's the different between ON_DEMAND and INCOMING_ONLY?


      The documentation says: "For ON_DEMAND, the local domain gateway continually advertises services imported from a remote domain." and "For INCOMING_ONLY, the local domain gateway advertises services imported from a remote domain when the gateway receives an incoming connection or when a dmadmin connect command is issued."

      I tried setting 2 domains: Domain 1 imports service TOLOWER from Domain 2 with ON_DEMAND connection policy. Domain 2 imports service TOUPPER from Domain 1 with INCOMING_ONLY connection policy.

      When I try:



      I see TOLOWER as AVAIL in domain 1 and TOUPPER as AVAIL in domain 2 so I see no difference. I though I shouldn't see the TOUPPER service advertised in domain 2 but it's there so how does it really works?

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          Todd Little-Oracle



          Did you check if the connection was up between the domains?  Regardless of the state of the connection, the domain gateway in domain 1 will advertise TOLOWER and if no connection is up when the service is called, the domain gateway will try to establish the connection.  If the connection succeeds, then the call will complete, otherwise the call will fail, but the service will still be advertised.  On domain 2, TOUPPER should only be advertised by the domain gateway if the connection is up.  You can use dmadmin to check the state of the connections, as well as manually try to connect or disconnect the connections.



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