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    How to script a DB backup and restore




         I would like to use Windows schedular to schedule an initial backup then another task to restore the database (everyday). This will save me time in re-imaging our Lab workstation to restore the DB back to its original state.


      I am using the Oracle Database 10g Express Edition and using the backup.bat and restore.bat that come with the install. My big issue is how would one remove the user interface from the (2) scripts that prompts users if they are [Y/N]


      If needed I could provide the scripts.


      Thank you



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          I'm no windows .bat file guru, by any means. But to skip the confirmation try just yanking the prompting lines from the script. Not completely positive but I *think* the backup and restore .bat files provided in 10g are pretty much the same as those shipped in the 11g version. 


          Might work ... might not. But to achieve the goal ... other than verifying that a backup is indeed good and can be used (BTW that's not the time to ask the question about whether or not there *is* a backup ... ) why make a backup and immediately use it for a restore?  

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