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    Partitioning a Logical Network




      I created a logical network with 60,000 Nodes and about 100,000 Links.

      Based on the Network Data Model Process

      1. Set up the network data model:

                • Create the node table and the link table.

                • Insert metadata into USER_SDO_NETWORK_METADATA.

      2. Load network and user data:

                • Use SQL/Loader, insert statements, or programmatically

      3. Optionally, partition the network:

                • Node-based partitions

                • Optional partition BLOB generation

      4. Analyze and/or edit network data:

                • Application

                • Java program


      My problem is during the partitioning of my network it takes too long to partition the network and created thousands of Tables that reached more than a hundred thousand. The partitioning did not complete since it consumed the whole disk (500gb) of my Test Server in its partitioning process.


      According to the steps and samples i found, to partition a logical network I just needed to execute sdo_net.logical_partition.


      This is the script that I executed:


           ......INSERT NODES AND LINKS DATA.........


           EXEC sdo_net.logical_partition('ROADS_NETWORK', 'ROADS_NETWORK_LPART$', 5000, 'ROADS_NETWORK_DIR', 'ROADS_NETWORK.log', 'a');

      Is there something that I missed during my process? Or are there configurations that should be set before partitioning my logical network?

      I am using Oracle 11gR2