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    Server Data Store will get automatically refreshed when new file(with same name) is placed in landing area


      Hi Guys,


      The server side data store will get automatically refreshed when a new file with same name is loaded in landing area?

      for example

      1. server side data store created to get file named UK.xls (it has 5 rows)

      2. snap shot created for the above data store

      3. process created with the snapshot


      After this if i delete 2 rows from the same file and it loaded again to the landing area(with same name). So by just rerunning the process will take the latest file OR  do i need to reload the file in data store every time when there is a change in file. We also tried with Job option but the latest file was not picking up.


      Any help will be really appreciated.


      Please lets us know your updates.


      Please advice