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    Table Alias and Column Alias


      I am new to Discoverer. I have some confusion.

      1. Is it possible use different Alias for same table while creating Worksheet?

      Need this to produce different joins.


      SELECT   C1.Name, C2.Remarks

        FROM   Clients C1,

               Clients C2,

               Ticket T,

               Sales S

      WHERE   C1.Client_Id = T.Client_Id AND C2.Client_Id = S.Client_Id


      2. How should I use Column Alias to show as a customised column header in the Worksheet?


      SELECT   Client_Default_Name AS Name FROM Clients

      Thanks in advance.

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          Answer to you second question:


          after you run the report, right click on the column heading and select "EDIT HEADING"  you can enter you custom name here.



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            first question:


            the worksheet sql is always structured according to the EUL (end user layer) . if you have used two clients tables and created a join to different tables then the sql will be generated as per your requirement . there is no way we can have Discoverer create a sql like that . if you are so interested with the sql . you can create a custom folder in the business area and paste the sql and create a report on top of the custom folder .


            second question:


            you can always edit the heading in the discoverer plus workbooks as per your requriement


            hope this helps



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