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    panelSpringBoard issues

    Tom Popescu



      I am currently trying to create a simple ADF Fusion Web application and I want to use an af:panelSpringBoard as sort of a menu.


      The problem is that the icons of my showDetailItems act a little strange.

      When I load the page, the icons do not show until I cross the mouse over them (and after that they remain visible). Afterwards, when I click one of the menu items, the showDetailItems switch from the grid position to strip and the icons turn once again invisible, having to put the mouse over them once more in order to make them visible. They become invisible yet again when I click on any of the showDetailItem links in the strip position.


      Any thoughts on how to fix this? I'll attach a piece of the code below. I tried multiple combinations for the showDetailItems, including:


      Disclosed - true

      Immediate - true

      Client component - true

      DepressedIcon / HoverIcon with the same resource link as the icon field for each of the showDetailItems.



      Best regards,



      <af:panelSpringboard id="ps1" displayMode="grid" childCreation="immediate"

                                                       shortDesc="Simple menu." clientComponent="true">

                                      <af:showDetailItem text="Menu Item 1" id="sdi1" flex="0" stretchChildren="first"


                                      <af:showDetailItem text="Menu Item 2" id="sdi2" flex="0" stretchChildren="first"


                                      <af:showDetailItem text="Menu Item 3" id="sdi3" flex="0" stretchChildren="first"



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          Hello Tom,


          The icon url has to be the actual path from the image folder not the resource bundle. However you can set the hover:disabled etc icon sources relative to the resource bundle without having any initial render issues.


          Hope this helps