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    Where to download RHEL 5.4


      Hi All,



      thanks in advance.

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          947113 wrote:


          Hi All,


          I have to download  RHEL 5.4 - 32 bit.

          Kindly suggest a good site for downloading with a torrent client.


          thanks in advance.

          Go ask Redhat.   It's their software.  

          You posted to an Oracle online forum.    Redhat has their own forums.

          You would likely have to have special service-contract (which means you pay money) privileges to have them release a copy of something that is just reaching its end-of-support status.


          Additionally, since that software isn't OpenSource , a torrent download would be illegal.

          Go find and read the license agreements on their Operating System software.

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            Hi Guru,



            Thank you for enlightening the ignorant.



            I just wish the tone of the answer would have been politer (if not professional) or none-at-all - if it is not worth your attention.



            Apologies for the post.



            thanks again.

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              You are asking for pirate software in an Oracle product forum !?


              RHEL, unlike Oracle Linux requires a support subscription for downloading the distribution and installing the software. If you are looking for a free 100 % compatible version of RHEL you should consider CentOS or Oracle Linux. The later is optimized to support Oracle products and can swtich between the original RHCK or Oracle UEK kernel.