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    AutoVue 20.2.1 - Print dialogs problem, try to fix via API




      We have logged a bug around the print dialogs which comes in two parts.

      First if the given printer allows you to create custom paper sizes via the modify>properties button (via AutoVue print!) then when you click ok to select the printer the paper size is not in the dropdown list until you close down the applet and re-open the document completely.

      Second is when you do select it the next time around your choice gets ignored and the defaults are used to print.


      I believe i have a workaround using the API to call the print function in the correct way so the end users dialog options are 'listened' too and prints in the way the want.

      What i am having difficulty with is getting the dropdown dialog to refresh or find a way to force the building of this list again.


      Can the dev team look into possible code to allow us to create a custom paper and/or refresh what AutoVue client jar files use to populate the dropdown.

      This is very important i get help on this to create some sort of feasible workaround or the customer is going to stop using AutoVue and look for a replacement due to time it takes to get fixes.

      If i have to create a simple crude dialog that allows them to create custom paper sizes and then print via the API then so be it, we can take the development time but i really need help on getting code examples to help do what i am after.


      Is it possible to call print and pass the custom paper size to it?