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    Text Mode Weblogic Installer removed in 12c?




      I am checking the infinite link2link Oracle documentation for 12c and only options I see are silent or graphical install options.


      Has the text mode installation of old been removed completely? Or is it an easy way to call it when installing the generic installer "java -jar wls_121200.jar" ?


      Thanks in advance.






      * There seem to be only graphical or silent install, silent install need properties pre-made so it works as you want it. (best way to get the properties file as you want it is to do a graphical install first... great! ;P, although from the examples of the response filesin the documentation, when you finally get to them, are very simple).


      * 12c Installation requires an empty directory !¿?!?!?!!¿!?¿!?¿ (silent intall has a -force parameter to override this, haven't checked graphical install) (Remove even the default "lost&found" directory as it must be completely empty.   What if you only have one filesystem for WL in client machine? What if you install jrockit in the same directory and install WL with that jrockit? Why these silly changes? , well -force is the way to go anyways).


      * While installing you do need jrockit or any supported java for installation installed somewhere else or installation will fail because the java used for installation will not be supported.


      * I'm on Linux doing a test install. Installer complains I am not using JAVA SE 7, I am using latest jrockit. Jrockit not to be used any more for Linux platform?  It continues though.. (I'm lucky). Strange that it is not mentioned anywhere or there is any link for JAVA SE in the weblogic 12c server download page, no biggy as I could continue, I will install java se 7 later.


      * Apache plugins are not included in the install. Now you conveniently download from the web page separately and they support apache 2.4! (good news!), 64bit only (half-good news?) and according to description is retro-compatible with previous plugins, so supposedly you can use apache 2.4 with 12c plugin for previous weblogics (need to try this).


      Aside from having changed certain basic things that didnt need to be reworked (marvelous ways to lose time here and there), still need to test the weblogic 12c itself.


      Server this as install review, I consider this question answered.





      Installer seems to ignore "-force":




      /weblogic12/jdk1.7.0_25/bin/java -Djava.io.tmpdir=/weblogic12 -jar wls_121200.jar -silent -force -responseFile /weblogic12/response-file -invPtrLoc /weblogic12/oraInst.loc

      Extracting files..........

      Starting Oracle Universal Installer


      Checking if CPU speed is above 300 MHz.   Actual 2398.852 MHz    Passed

      Checking swap space: must be greater than 512 MB.   Actual 7340024 MB    Passed

      Checking if this platform requires a 64-bit JVM.   Actual 64    Passed (64-bit not required)

      Checking temp space: must be greater than 300 MB.   Actual 1690 MB    Passed



      Preparing to launch the Oracle Universal Installer from /weblogic12/OraInstall2013-08-14_11-59-18AM

      Log: /weblogic12/logs/install2013-08-14_11-59-18AM.log

      Copyright (c) 1996, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

      Reading response file..

      Expected result: One of enterprise-4,enterprise-5,enterprise-6,redhat-6,redhat-4,redhat-5,SuSE-10,SuSE-11

      Actual Result: enterprise-6

      Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Passed

      CertifiedVersions Check: Success.

      Expected result: 1.7

      Actual Result: 1.7.0_25

      Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Passed

      CheckJDKVersion Check: Success.

      Verifying data......

      [VALIDATION] [ERROR]:INST-07319: Validation of Oracle Home location failed. The location specified already exists and is a nonempty directory and not a valid Oracle Home

      [VALIDATION] [SUGGESTION]:Provide an empty or nonexistent directory location, or a valid existing Oracle Home

      installation Failed. Exiting installation due to data validation failure.

      The Oracle Universal Installer failed.  Exiting.