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    RAC instance stop

    user 777111

      Hello All,


      We have a 2 node RAC.  we had to stop the databases and cluster serivces for some OS maintenence activities.

      One of our team mate accidentally stopped the instances with shutdown immediate. I know we will have to use SRVCTL to bring down instances down simulataneoulsy in both nodes.


      Below is what he did :-


      NODE 1:


      shutdown immediate;


      ./crsctl stop crs


      after node1 services came down he proceeded to NODE 2


      NODE 2:


      shutdown immediate


      ./crsctl stop crs


      He said his shutdown was smooth and no issues.


      My question now is, if we try to bring up the database with SRVCTL START DATABASE  will it come up normally ?

      unfortunately i have to wait till tomorrow to test this. so meantime thought to get advise from experts here on this




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          Javier Francisco Ruiz

          Yes you will be able to use srvctl to bring up the database. One thing to note unless you have disabled the the auto start of the crs or instances then everything should auto start.


          If you would have shutdown the instance using srvctl then when you restart the server you crs would come up Automatically if you is enabled but the instance  or database would not since you shutdown the instance with srvctl.

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