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    unsolicted update in communication channel


      I received a counter update in my communications channel for the following post: https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2569282


      I'm neither tracking or following the discussion or space and I have not been participating in that discussion. I also have not accepted (ignored) any friend requests. Thought I just let you know in case this might indicate a more general issue or bug.

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          Perhaps posted in Oracle Linux forum (you are following that, right?) - and then moved by a moderator to DB General Questions?

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            That could be it. Though when a discussion is moved, the sofware should be clever enough to update the communication channels accodingly.

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              I did not moved it. It has been discussed quite often with other mods though. When a thread is moved to an other forum for better alignment, a notification should be send by the mover.

              It has even been said that the new forum software could do that by itself (?).

              Apparently, if it has been moved, the mod. did not do that and the software neither.



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                Thanks for your response. I think these admin tasks should be easy to anticipate and I wonder why the software doesn't take care of it. But then again, it seems there are still many issues. I fixed an older post yesterday - the editor is really bad when doing anything more fancy than plain text. It's not fun anymore.


                Jive seems to be a top player with large organisations and installations. I personally do not understand how such incomplete and broken software can be so successful. Are the Jive programmers amateurs? I guess it means there is either no alternative or the decision makers buying such software have no clue.

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                  A very successful person once told me "Stop doing it if it is no fun any more."  This was after he sold his stable of Ferraris.


                  There does not have to be a strong link between quality software and large organizations.  In fact, there might be some negative correlation.  There has to be a strong sales organization and strong marketing.   There is little feedback from the technically astute users to the decision makers.


                  Linkedin, Facebook, and yes, Google all put out some garbage.  I think the "new development paradigms" turn programmers into amateurs.  (The google groups UI has some obvious goofs - favorited groups don't get bolded to indicate new messages until after you look at the group, the reply editor quoting adds a ridiculous amount of blank lines, search totally borked, and on and on.)  There's also a shininess factor - when something is new and shiny, people may give good feedback, developers crank out great stuff, but once the money's been shoveled in, bloat happens, as well as a push to mediocrity.