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    Solaris does not see Quantum superloader



      I have a new Quantum Superloader3 with an LTO5 drive. This machine has a SAS connection tothe Solaris 10 server (x86). It is anX4270

      In the server I installed a Sun/Oracle SAS card with a raid controller on it. It is actually an Adaptec.


      When I boot the server i can press Ctrl-A and get into the adaptec bios. This sees 2 controllers. The build-in (for internal disks) and the external I installed.

      In the external controller it also sees the superloader. There are ofcourse the options to configure RAID, but I have only the loader attached.


      After Solaris is booted it does not see the Quantum. I tried lots of commands like devfsadm drvconfig, tapes and probably some more that I have forgotten.

      So there is no 'st' device in the devices tree and no under /dev/rmt/1. /dev/rmt/0 is already in use by another tapedrive. Also nothing in /dev/changer/scsi (except the other one)


      There is another SAS controller installed. This is an LSI without RAID. If I attach the superloader to the LSI everyting works fine. Device nodes get made and the backup software sees the loader and the drive in it.

      Apperently I can not use the Quantum with a SAS controller that has RAID on it.


      Is this correct?

      Or do I have to do some additional config I do not know about?


      Can anyone tell me?