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    UCM -> IBR QoS ?




      I have a weblogic domain with UCM and IBR, the UCM is used to display a media gallery which uses DAM component and IBR conversion when people upload files.

      At this time, I'm doing massive import of files (for example batch of 1000 images) this is working fine but takes a very long time because of the different sizes we need to convert image to. The issue is that when an end user wants to upload a single image he has to wait until the mass import of image is done to have his single file converted by IBR.

      I'd like to know if it's somehow possible to define two queues for the same type of file (for example jpeg) or have a way to force a content to be immediately inserted at the top of the IBR queue ?

      I tried Allow override check-in option and then defined a second mime type for .jpeg file (for example image/jpeg-massimport). However, I still need to map this to the Digital Asset Manager conversion so in the end even if I change the mime type it still goes to the same queue...

      I'm thinking the only way to resolve this would be to duplicate the DAM component so that I could have a second converter named Digital Asset Managager 2 but I have no idea how to do this and I know it won't be supported by Oracle so I'd prefer not going there ...

      Anyone ever faced this kind of issue ?

      For now we're forced to do our bulk upload at night or during the weekend ...

      Thanks a lot


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          Hi Emilien,


          take a look here - Managing Conversions - 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) It should be possible to have multiple refineries for a single content server. There was even a separate license called Content Conversion Server if the other refinery runs on a separate server. Note that each provider (as seen in User Interface - 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)) has its own queue.


          I have to admit that I don't know, and I could not find it in the documentation, how to setup the system to send jobs to the particular provider, but I am sure you should investigate the multiple providers' way.


          Hope that helps, Jiri

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            Thanks for your reply,

            I can have multiple IBR for the same content server yes. I tested this as well however since both IBR needs to accept the same conversion (DAM) then the first provider will accept all jobs until it's queue is full and then the second provider will accept the remaining jobs. If I launch a bulk import it can either span across multiple IBR or simply go to the first one is queue is big enough. The issue is that it will be the same for the single upload done in the meantime. If bulk import takes a full queue on IBR1 plus 200 image on IBR2 then I have to wait for IBR2 to finish the 200 conversions and then convert my single image. Or even worse, queue of IBR1 is 1000 and images get converted so queue is 923 for example when user submits job so he will need to wait for 923 content to be converted before having his image in the system.


            Eventually, having 2/3 or even 4 IBR could be a solution because bulk upload would be faster and so single content upload would have to wait less but if I can prevent having 4 servers/licences etc I'd be more than happy




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              So, you already know more than I do


              I'm afraid I can only comment your last paragraph: if you have all the IBRs installed on the same hardware you don't need extra licenses. And even if you don't, get in touch with your local sales rep and ask for Content Conversion Server license - it's no longer in the price list, but I believe there is still a way to get it, if needed (e.g. via a restricted license). If I remember it was 5 or 10 times cheaper than UCM's license.


              Now, to the other paragraph - if I were you I would try to find someone who has done it before. OCS is the first choice, but maybe a partner will also be able to help. There might be some best practices to fine tune IBR servers to what you need, or perhaps, some customizations. I've been looking for prioritization of jobs in the queue - there seems to be none OOTB, but one never knows if it does not exist somewhere in the world. You could also try to customize it yourself.