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    Search in CS using only one metafield is timing out..


      In the content server when I do a search using this one metafield it hangs for a few minutes and then gives this error:


      "Unable to retrieve search results. Error Occured while processing. "


      This is the error I see in the logs:


      General exception [[ intradoc.common.ServiceException: !csSearchUnableToReturnResults

      *ScriptStack GET_SEARCH_RESULTS

      3:getSearchResults, **no captured values**




      I wish I could post more of the logs, but for some reason I can't paste into here since they updated the forum...



      Anyone seen this before? It only happens when I use this one metadata field in the search. If I omit that meta field I don't have any problems. Just for kicks I checked in a document and gave it the problem meta field. I did a search for the document I checked in and it came up right away if I used the name of the document with the problem meta field. If I took away the document name and search with just the bad meta field it would give me the error again...