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    Connection Pool cleanup


      There is a facility to clear entire connection pool for stale connections which happened due to Network fluctuations in Websphere Applicaion server which is referred as purge policy. Is there any property configuration in Weblogic Application server

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          Joe Weinstein-Oracle

          The two main config parameters that cover bad connections are test-connection-on-reserve, and test-frequency-seconds.

          The first is the primary means for ensuring your applications get good connections. A connection will be tested before

          giving it to you and replaced if bad. Test frequency is how often the pool will test currently unreserved connections. This

          is usually a secondary concern, but it does help in cases where too-long idle connections may be killed by the DBMS

          or firewall etc, and periodic testing keeps them active enough to remain.

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            Hi JoeWeinstein ,

            Thanks for your inputs. Are both properties are inter dependent? Is it mandatory to enable "Test Frequency" (a non zero value) to get the benefits of "Test Connection on reserve"? Or is is sufficient to enable "Test Connection on Reserve"?

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              Joe Weinstein-Oracle

              Test-on-reserve is all you need, usually.