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    Upgrading OVM 3.2.1


      We are currently on OVM 3.2.1 build 516.  Are there any "gotchas" upgrading to 3.2.3?


      How do you backup the MySQL database (just in case)?



      Do most people upgrade using the .iso, or yum?



      Thanks in advance,



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          None that I know of.... Check out the release notes in 3.2.3 this is where you find any known issues.


          The mysql database is automatically backedup from time to time and will retain like a max of 10 iterations of the backup.


          Upgrade with the iso. There is no way that I know of to use YUM to update to 3.2.3 from 3.2.1. I generally stage the ISO contents and upgrade via a PXE boot.

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            Where are the backups located?

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              Dude.... google is your friend. I found it in 10 secs.


              B.1. Oracle VM Manager MySQL Backup

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                Drrrr  Got carried away replying and didn't even think about it.

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                  No problem.... I do the same some times.


                  Looks like 3.2.4 is available via patch 16410428 from MOS.

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                    To upgrade Oracle VM 3.x, you have to possibility first with yum repository and the second with iso image


                    Before you upgrade your Oracle VM Servers, you must upgrade the Oracle VM Manager which manages them.

                    There are two methods you can use to upgrade Oracle VM Servers, see this URL:

                    • Upgrading Oracle VM Server Using a Yum Repository. the easy one
                    • Upgrading Oracle VM Server Using The CD, see this URL.

                    I hope this can help you

                    Best Regards

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                      I just upgraded the manager (OVMM) to via the MOS patch and the servers using an internal mirror of public-yum.oracle.com/repo/OracleVM/OVM3/latest/x86_64/.  It started out great with nothing unusual with the OVMM update, and the first OVS.  However, the second OVS refused to be re-discovered by the OVMM.  I had to remove/re-add it after about 10 hours of debugging and back-and-forth with MOS.


                      What worries me is how do I know that the rpm's out on OVM3 latest match up with the version of OVMM I just updated?  I ended up with OVMM Build: 20130605_524 paired with a public-yum rpm called ovs-release-3.2-5.208.13.  However, I just checked public-yum and there must be a problem with my mirror sync job because a newer ovs-release-3.2-5.208.32 is out there. 


                      Doc ID 1567537.1 spells out the matching OVS iso that goes with a given OVMM iso.  It says OVS 3.2.4-525 pairs with  OVMM 3.2.4-524.  I'm starting to think it makes more sense to convert the matching OVS iso into my own custom yum repository and point the OVS yum config to that.  Leave public-yum out of the picture entirely.  That way I'm certain I'm only doing matching updates.


                      Now even though I'm done with my update, I'm going to download the OVS 3.2.4-525 iso out of curiosity to see what ovs-release is on it.

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                        Just to follow up, there was a problem with my sync job.  I had built the repo in a new data center and at the time, we didn't have DNS up and running so I had hard-coded the IP of public-yum.oracle.com.  In the meantime, Oracle must have done a migration, where the old IP was still online, but was just not receiving updates anymore.


                        Even so, I decided to redo the OVS updates using a repo built from the OVS 3.2.4-525 ISO.  It updated about a dozen rpms that were stale in my original mirror repo and worked perfectly this time.  I'm going the CD repo route for next quarter's updates.

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                          Just updating on my upgrade.  I copied off a backup of the MySQL database...then moved all VMs off to one host.  Then ran the upgrade from DVD.  The server came right back up and I was able to connect via the web console......so far so go.  I then ran the upgrade on the server from CD.....rebooted and it attached to the manager......no prob.  I then moved all the VMs over to the upgraded server and ran the upgrade on the remaining host.  Rebooted and that host attached with no problems.  Everything is operation as normal.

                          The problem I was having was when adding new ISCSI LUNs, still remain.  Support stated they know its a bug and forwarded it onto engineering, so I was hoping this would have fixed it.  O well, I will keep on waiting.  My work around is to add the new LUN, reboot the host, move the VMs and reboot the other host.  I know you could do it quicker via the CLI, but thats what I do.


                          The upgrade worked as advertised.  Thanks for all your inputs.

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                            I do believe upgrading with the ISO is the best method. At least you will get match version #'s. Then you use YUM to update the Oracle VM servers to lastest rpms.