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    Creating checks in Documaker Studio

    Daniel L

      Hi all, we're looking at creating checks using Documaker Studio.  I see that the MICR font used to print the routing/account numbers on the check is included in Documaker.  My question involves the special characters printed with these numbers.  Is there some set up we need to do that will automatically generate these?  I don't see anyway to insert them ourselves.


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Gaétan Berthold

          Hi Daniel,


          You need to create the static portion of the MICR line using text labels. The static portion of the MICR line usually includes the bank, transit, account and cheque numbers. You may be required to also add the cheque amount on the MICR line, so that would be created using a regular field using the MICR font.


          The crucial part of the process is the correct placement of the line on the cheque: it has to be in a specific location with some "white" space around it.White space means that nothing is laser-printed in that area, as all toners are magnetically applied to the cheque.


          Your financial instituition can either provide you with the exact specs or point you in the right direction.



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            Daniel L

            Hi Gaétan,


            Thanks for the information regarding placement.  My question was specifically about the special characters/symbols that delimit the parts of the MICR line you mentioned above.  With some additional research, I discovered that these are represented in Documaker Studio by using the characters A,B,C and D in their place.  Thanks again for your response - will be helpful when setting these up.