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    Is it possible to add a Negative filter / Boost / Bury option to a RecordSpotlight ?

    Nagarajan Seshadri



      We have a requirement in our implementation where in a spotlight should show all records that match some criteria and filter out a few from that which matches another criteria, kind of a Negative filter. This doesnt seem to be possible in the Spotlight Record Selector. Is that something thats do-able without writing a custom cartridge / handler ? I also see that the Boost and Bury options are not available in a Spotlight? What if the business wants to show a query result in the spotlight but for a festive occasion say XMas they want to show some new products on the spotlight even though the spotlight criteria doesnt match ? I somehow think the Spotlight record selector should be a Selected Records + Query results + Boost / Bury as against Selected Records / Query Results.


      Please provide your valuable thoughts.