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    OSB - JMS transport - Best Effort


      Hi All,


      I have the below requirement


      We have a proxy service which will be listening on JMS Queue and Invoke a Business Service which invokes an external webservice with retry count/retry intervaal.


      JMS Queue-. PS -> BS -> WS


      So in case if there is any error from BS the message needs to go back to the queue. So i enabled transaction on proxy service (Use XA, Transaction Enabled for both request and response)

      and QOS Exactly Once on the Routing options of BS.


      Every thing is happening fine. Message is going back to the queue when there is an error but the BS call is not getting retried.(As per the Retry interval and Retry count on BS Settings)


      So in the same routing options i specified retry interval and retry count.


      But still its just invoking once and raising error and sending the message back to the queue.


      Am i missing some thing. Any suggestions?