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    SmartView MS Quick Access Toolbar bug?


      Does anyone know of any known issues with using SmartView functions in the MS Quick Access Toolbar? 


      Here's a little background: I've got a user that has a relatively decent sized spreadsheet that is connected to both HFM and Essbase.  He is pulling data from HFM and submitting to Essbase within the same sheet.  He's been getting "decompression failed" and "invalid pointer" errors for some time.  I've already had him update all the suggested registry settings to get around the timeout problems.  This has had limited success.  Oracle support has not been much help in resolving the error.  I have not had much success replicating the errors on my machine.  I had our IT group provide him with a loner laptop to see if it maybe something machine related.  The loner started out pretty good and then he started getting the errors again.  It turns out he was adding the HFM and Essbase SmartView functions to the MS Quick Access Toolbar (this is MS Office version 2010).  The loner worked fine until these functions were added.


      Does anyone know if there are compatibility issues with our version of SmartView and MS Office 2010?  Maybe we need to either up our version of Office or maybe our version of SmartView?  Any knowledge or tips would be appreciated.