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    Increase the Wrapper java Free Memory


      Hello Guru's,


      Im having the Java application which runs as a windows service , It will process the CSV file of 5000 employees data , but currently we are getting the Out of Memory Java Heap Space error.In my conf file it is commented the Wrapper.java.initmemory=64.


      It is crashing in mid of processing those employees data , we have printed the Runtime.getMemory details, at it is showing as available Max Mem as 2271 and Allocated Mem as 183 MB and Free Mem as 173MB


      Please suggest the solution, how to increase the allocated memory to 1GB and FreeMemory as 512 MB


      Physical Mem: 12GB on server.


      Conf File:=


      # Java Library Path (location of Wrapper.DLL or libwrapper.so)



      # Java Additional Parameters



      # Initial Java Heap Size (in MB)



      # Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB)



      # Application parameters.  Add parameters as needed starting from 1




      # Wrapper Logging Properties


      # Format of output for the console.  (See docs for formats)



      # Log Level for console output.  (See docs for log levels)



      # Log file to use for wrapper output logging.



      # Format of output for the log file.  (See docs for formats)