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    ASM Storage on top of HP violin Disks

      Hello all,

      our infrastructur just bought some violin storage in hope that it would be screaming fast for our DW. i installed oracle asm rhel 6 on to these disks and cant find any good documents for set up, not even from HP. Has anyone worked with HP violin storage that can offer any parameter setup?
      currently i found a good article from Kevin closson
      but not to much here. any help would be appreciated.
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          NUMA and FLASH disk arrays do not appear to have anything to do with each other.

          And not sure why you "just bought" HP/Violin storage as HP appears to have cut their ties with Violin:

          That being said, I would imagine that it comes with an interface that would be similar to any other storage array and you would provision LUNS as with any other storage array.
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            Hopefully you found the information you were looking for, there are a lot of good sources. You can also search for data on flashdba blog as well.


            For DW workloads the primary tuning goal is to ensure enough parallel IO threads are used. Whether you are using hints, Auto Degree of parallelism etc.