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    JMS Adpapter Consumers -- and polling/listening for message question

    Stuart Fleming

      Hello.  I am using Jdeveloper and the SOA Suite that comes with that version.


      I am trying to understand JMS Adapters.  Granted, I am new to both JMS and SOA Suite, so I am learning both.  (so please try to not be too cryptic if you respond). 


      I am getting a bunch of mixed messages and in exasperation am asking for clarification.


      Here is my information and examples:

      1.  I have created an application that successfully sends a message via JMS to a queue and -- ON THE SAME weblogic server and domain-- successfully retrieved that message from another application that consumes the JMS message  (and then processes it).


      2.  However, if the consuming application is not on the same application server / domain as the publisher.  (I tested this by creating a second application server/domain on a different computer  and published the (same) listening application to it.  When I published a message on Server "A" the Consuming application on Server "B" did not kick off and process it (as it did when it was on Server A).


      3.  According to this post https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2506054  they are trying to have a JMS adapter just sit and listen for messages on a queue.  Someone answered and said There is nothing out-of-the box to do that and that you have to build a tool to do that.


      4.  What good is a JMS Consuming application if it doesn't actually poll for messages?  (In other words, I would assume that it would poll for messages).


      5.  I cannot find the specific mention of it, but a lot of documentation has indicated that JMS Will poll for messages.


      6.  Many of the downloads examples from various SOA books show JMS Consuming adapters that supposedly are polling for messages.


      So, to Sumarize: 

      a.  Do JMS adapters poll for messages or do you have to schedule the application to run and kick off the JMS poller. 

      b.  How would you do this within SOA Suite using SOA components?



      Thank you very much.



      Points,  appreciation and infinite respect will be rewarded for answers!