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    Report designer shows sample data, Report view has blank columns




      I have a pretty simple Report in BI Publisher that is working fine except for one data table (out of several in the report). In this table, the sample data for all the columns shows up in the Designer but when I go to actually view the Report, several columns are blank.


      As near as I can tell, it's only numeric columns that are blank (but I do see one numeric column so not *all* numeric columns are blank).


      I've tried deleting the table and re-building it. I've tried deleting the sample data in the Data Model and re-saving. I've taken the query from the Data Model and run it in SQL Developer to make sure the data is there. I've tried formatting the column to Number in the Designer.


      I also made an entirely new report and let the Wizard "guide me". I selected my query from the DM and the preview showed all of the columns with data. When I saved and viewed the report, the same set of columns were empty.


      I'm out of ideas. As mentioned, other tables in this report (all from the same Data Model) - with numeric columns - work fine. I can't figure out what it is about this table that makes it act so strangely.


      Update: Just found out that if I view the report in PDF or HTML mode, the blank columns display their data as expected. So, it seems like maybe a browser thing. I'm using Chrome on Windows 7 but a colleague that I had test this was using the same browser and OS and saw everything fine in Interactive mode. So now I have no idea what my users will see but I guess it's not anything to do with the report itself.


      Thanks for any help,