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    Using dynamic time series member in MDX


      I have a BSO cube with dynamic time series enabled.  I'm able to successfully use the dynamic time series functionality using both report writer scripts and the Excel Add-in.  I'm trying to problem solve an issue that a reporting tool is having by using the MDX script editor in EAS to run a query.  My MDX query runs fine when I put a specific month in the query (such as Jul2013).  When I try to use a dynamic time series member (such as y-t-d(Jul2013), the MDX query fails with a message saying "unknown member Y-T-D(Jul2013) used in query" "unexpected essbase error 1260046'.  It recognizes what I'm asking for so why doesn't the query run?  Does MDX not work with dynamic time series even if it's on a block storage cube??






      Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.