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    Replacing in rule file,Essbase


      Hi all ,


      I have strings in the source data file as below




      ABC -0.5

      ABC -1..etc


      Basically this is a smart list .. I am trying to write a rule file for this as below to load to essbase


      If ABC replace with 0

      If ABC -0.5 replace with 1

      If ABC -1 replace with 2 etc ...


      But whenever there is a space in the record like above ( ABC -0.5) this rule is giving the record as 1 -0.5  . that is it is initially replacing the ABC as 1.


      I tried to give option as Match whole word ... in the rule file  but thisd is not getting enabled if there is a space in the field . If i give ABC-0.5(that is wihtout spaces)  then "Macth whole word " option is working out.

      Please let me knoe how to handle this in rule file.


      Thanks in advance