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      Just learned that Beehive is out: Patch p14372656


      Here a citation from "What's New in this Release":


          Oracle Beehive Extensions for Outlook


              Support for Outlook 2013


          Oracle Beehive Extensions for Explorer


              Support for Office 2013


          Web Conferencing


              Support for Java 7 on MacOS 10.8


          Supported Software Versions


              Standards based clients


                  Support for Thunderbird 17.0.2 ESR with Lightning 1.9


              Desktop access


                  Support for Windows 8


              Mobile access


                  Support for iOS 6


              Browser support (does not apply to Beekeeper)


                  Support for Firefox 17.0.2 ESR


              Updated Database support




      That's good news: the promise to support current clients is fulfilled

      so far.