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    Diff results in target transparent vs. replicated partitionings


      Hi all,



      I'm hoping this is not simply gone under.

      It's hard to belief that none else has ever seen this.

      So please if someone has an idea - any help is welcome.

      Many thanks in advance.



      (Windows 2008 Rs 64 bit, Essbase, all db are BSO.)

      I have created transparent partitionings between one target and 4 source databases and the results (in the target) seemed to be ok.

      Since the sources are archived dbs with historical data I decided to change the transparent into a replicated partitions. However after that change some (only 3 of 47) member in the account dim no longer are populated with data – from all sources.

      I was unable to find any reason for this behavior. All target member are level 0 members while the source member are also upper level member in some dims.

      However should the result not be steh same regardless what partitioning type is in use?


      Does someone else noticed such problem; and even better - knows how to solve this issue?


      Thank you



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