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    Oracle NoSQL and Coherence 12.1.2




      As a hard core Coherence person I was interested to see that the 2.1.8 release of NoSQL has Coherence integration so thought I'd try it out. Unfortunately the classes in the 2.1.8 Enterprise Edition kvcoherence.jar do not work with the lastest 12.1.2 version of Coherence (they work with the older 3.7.1 release). It is possible to make it work with a bit of extra code so I wrote it up here just in case anyone else tries it http://thegridman.com/coherence/coherence-12-1-2-custom-namespaces-and-oracle-nosql/ The code is on GitHub https://github.com/thegridman/Coherence-Oracle-NoSQL


      This has been fed back to Oracle so hopefully it might get into a future release.