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    connection to OMS from emcli

    Andrey Goryunov



      I have EM 12c rel 3 installed on Linux and am trying to connect to it from emcli in interactive mode from windows machine

      I installed emcli advanced kit and did setup for it so able to execute verbs


      However attempts to connect to OMS in interactive mode lead to the error.



      Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c EMCLI with Scripting option Version

      Copyright (c) 1996, 2013 Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.



      Type help() for help and exit() to get out.






      Error: Connection to the current OMS could not be established. Check the log files for further details





      At the same time I have no problems to connect to OMS from emcli on the OMS host

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          Loc Nhan -Oracle

          To rule out any network/firewall causes, verify if you can to connect to the OMS host on port 7799 from the Windows machine in question.


          For example, if you have telnet on the machine, you can try the following:


          $ telnet 7799


          You should see something like:

          Trying ... ..

          Connected to <hostname> (

          Escape character is '^]'.


          You can also check if you are able to connect to the console on URL from the Windows machine.



          - Loc