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    BI Publisher Desktop Permission Issues


      I'm currently running BI Publisher Desktop v11.1.1.6 in a Windows XP environment with Microsoft Word 2007 and having issues using the BI Publisher add in for MS Word.


      I went through the installation logged in as an administrator, and could access the add-in perfectly fine; however when I went to utilize the add-in on my non-administrator account, the BI Publisher tab was missing from Word. I've attempted to give full permissions on the installation directory to all authenticated users, I've looked through the add-ins to see if BI Publisher was hiding there and just not enabled, I've gone through macro/trust center settings... all to no avail.


      I guess my question is can you utilize BI Publisher Desktop as a non-administrator? Or are you required to have administrator rights on your PC to use the tool?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I can provide further clarification, please let me know.