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    Service account


      Hello all,


      I have a problem with my Oracle XE

      Today I have tried to change account, under which are services running (OracleXE and OracleXEListener).

      My new functional account has is in group administartors on the PC, where Oracle is running.

      I have restarted PC after change and after restart I could see that services were started.



      When I tried to connect, I got an error "tns listener does not currently know of sid given in connect descriptor".

      I have checked listener with LSNRCTL STATUS and I could see, that there are missing services XE and XEXDB.

      So my personal feeling is, that service OracleXE is not started correctly...

      If I return the service account back - to Local system, it is working correctly.


      Please, could you advice me, what I should check?